The Season is about to begin and the most popular question is always the same “What should I put in my suitcase?”

This little handbook will help you not to carry an excessively bulky luggage: what shouldn’t be missing?

Upon your arrival you will be provided with the uniforms: badges, t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, swim shorts, sports shorts, sweatshirt. As for daytime work, you don’t have to think about anything!

Linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, towels) are also provided in the village with a weekly change so (unless you have special needs) it is not necessary to bring them from home.
First of all, the clothing for the rehearsal of the shows: comfortable shirts, shorts and / or sweatpants and a sweatshirt that you don’t mind getting dirty or sweating.
Trainers for working during the day and a pair of flip-flops for the beach and pool area. Some changes of clothing for free days and evenings without dress code. Here you can bring your favorite changes, but keep in mind that we are in a tourist village frequented by families and children, try to stay within the limits of good taste.

Swimwear especially for women. The shorts of the uniform are made to enter the water but the top piece is missing!
If you have special clothing such as costumes, fun gadgets, particularly eccentric accessories, bring them! Being an animator also means this. Don’t buy anything if you don’t have it but there are some items that remain in the closet because you think they are “a bit too much”, the village is the right opportunity to wear them!
Bring an elegant change of clothing: the Gala evening is present in all our villages and it is a great relief to be able to dress up in the best way after spending all day in a uniform!
Personal effects: if you use it, bring a hairdryer, a small supply of shower gel and shampoo as well as, of course, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Within the villages it is possible to buy these products but, at least initially, they might come handy.
Sunglasses and hats are not always allowed but become essential on intense sunny days. If you have at least a couple at home, bring them, they can come in very useful!
No need to add underwear to the list!
In conclusion, the advice is to avoid excesses because you won’t need a thousand clothes or two hundred pairs of shoes.

Don’t forget to bring some basic medicines (Oki, Tachipirina, Antihistamine), when needed they can be essential travel companions.

Close the suitcase and … HAVE A GOOD TRIP!


VivaTeam Animation Staff

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