Possible destinations

One of the first questions we hear in an interview is about possible destinations, and it is always a difficult question because in an initial interview and without knowing a person’s talent and characteristics, it is virtually impossible to know which destination is the best for you.

Deciding on the right destination is the job of the chief of staff, who will evaluate all the characteristics of the candidate’s profile, availability and language skills in order to offer him the best goal, structure and staff in which to best express himself.

The strange thing about our job is that an animator often doesn’t care about the destination and is more interested in other details like the make-up of the staff, the number of animators, how many guests the structure can receive, how to eat and how those Accommodation is … because our life revolves around these things: the team, the staff house, the stage …

There are many possible destinations where you can meet the smile of a Viva Team Animator: from the distant Indian Ocean to the more traditional European destinations, from the sea to the mountains, in winter and summer, many structures in which our staff Have conveyed emotions!

Viva Team has Italy among its possible destinations: Puglia, Calabria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna … Many places where you can experience a season full of emotions! Lively Greece, lively Spain, sweet and spectacular Switzerland are some of the liveliest and most popular travel destinations. Are you ready for an experience in the true earthly paradise: Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka! White beaches, hospitable and characteristic populations, unforgettable sunsets: Zanzibar.

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