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Because we pursue the satisfaction of guests and clients through a constant effort towards
guaranteeing extreme reliability of our staff, innovation and creativity in the programs, up-to-date technical equipments and a standard of service that remains constant over the years.

Because we establish transparent relationships with our collaborators, based on human closeness and willingness: we believe these are the fundamental principles of every collaborative relationship.

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The big news of these last seasons is the impact of social media on everyone’s life and therefore also on tourism: for this we have included a series of dedicated social activities.

Young people, but also the not so young, love to share their lives and for this reason they should be included in the daily challenge programs that can be uploaded to instagram, flash mobs and group choreographies to be uploaded on Tik Tok and other impactful activities alongside more “classic” moments. Modern animation must be set up on original and captivating events: this is why our proposal always includes weekly events between Color Party and Foam Party. 

What's a foam party?

The foam party is a hilarious event that sees a powerful and voluminous spray of foam. The cannon hits all participants with a dense blanket of completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and non-polluting foam. It is really a joyful experience.

What's a color party?

The Color party is instead an event focused on color that is given by holi color, non-toxic and safe colored talc powders. The holi colors thrown into the air by the participants create crazy effects!

What are innovative late time shows?

New late time social shows such as the horror night or the escape room.

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