It is useless to ignore it, in recent months we are learning to live with covid and, in the wake of the experience of 2020, we are preparing for a summer in which we will still have to respect some limitations. They will probably be less stringent than in 2020 thanks to vaccines and a more manageable situation, but we will certainly be ready to defend ourselves.

  • We will still have to maintain strict compliance with basic protective measures such as hand hygiene, avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth and use the aids that will be recommended especially in moments of transition between activities.
  • ​We will have to respect the instructions of animation chief of staff who will still have to act as “Covid Manager” and help him enforce the regulations of the structure.
  • Above all, we will have to be respectful of the limitations because we will be seen as an example by the children and guests of the structure.

But it will all be easier thanks to the experience of last summer.


Staff VivaTeam Animation