• At the top of each staff we find the team leader (aka resort chief) whose job is to coordinate all the team’s activities, to keep contact with the company and with the management of the resort.
  • Wherever there is a larger number of staff members, there is always an animation chief, a “number two” who shares responsibilities and mainly deals with organizing and coordinating the work in the field.
  • Under the chief of staff there are the sector managers: the sports manager, the miniclub manager, the daytime or contact manager.
  • The contact manager is the entertainer who, as the name implies, seeks contact with and between guests. It takes care, alone or with the contact group, of all the games, entertainment, happenings and passages that make up the program of a village. A complex role in fact the contact manager must be a multipurpose, charismatic, nice and a little cheeky animator.
  • Paky Club animator: i.e. the Miniclub animator (more traditional definition). Working with children is complicated, you need to have the skills and enthusiasm, it is definitely not a side role! The goal? To promote knowledge among children, organize and manage playful, sporting and creative activities. Every week a show is organized, where children act as protagonists, a real musical that also sees the participation of the entertainment staff.
  • Junior and Teen Club entertainer: this is the animator who takes care of slightly older children  and teen agers (10-12 years and 13-18 years) The task is always the same: to promote mingling among children/teens and organize playful activities and sports.
  • Sports entertainer is the animator who is responsible for the organization of team sports, matches and tournaments such as soccer, beach volleyball, bowls, beach tennis ……. This role shares similarities with the role of the contact manager, but is more dedicated to sports and tournaments.
  • Fitness instructor is the animator who is responsible for proposing and managing the day’s gymnastic activities: from muscle awakening to aerobics, from aquagym to pilates or zumba. Basic requirement is the ability to teach at least one aerobic discipline.
  • Sports instructor is the sportsman who is responsible for organizing and managing courses in the disciplines of tennis, archery, swimming, football school, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and biking. The requirement is to possess a patent or a good / excellent practice and sport teaching skills.
  • Hostesses and Stewards are entertainers who, in larger structures, take care of carrying out reception and service tasks: reception at the restaurant, assignment of beach-umbrellas, reservations and registrations for the various activities, accompanying excursions … The main characteristics are a strong predisposition to contact and good looks.
  • Choreographer whose main responsibility is to create and teach the choreography of the shows to all the staff, in many situations he/she is the director of the evening programming.
  • Set designer is the one who creates and assembles the staging of shows and evenings. He must have good practice in designing, especially on large dimensions, a carpentry base for the set-ups and creating and managing props.
  • Sound / light technicians and deejays manage the audio-lighting systems of the village with particular attention to the amphitheater. They assemble and dismantle the mobile systems (swimming pool and beach). They perform the function of deejay for dance evenings. In larger staffs this role can be split into two.

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