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A new concept of entertainment

When we started this adventure we chose the name Viva Team because we believed that a group of people who share a common goal could achieve incredible results. After almost twenty years we still believe that all the hearts of a successful team beat as one! Animation is just that: sharing joyful moments and successes because the great thing about teamwork is that you always have someone on your side. Our mission is to pursue, at the same time, the satisfaction of guests, clients and collaborators. In order to achieve this, for guests and clients, and to offer a standard of service that is constant over the years, we focus on guaranteeing: An extreme reliability of the staff; Innovation and creativity in the programs; State-of-the-art technical equipment; Promptness and effectiveness in managing any critical issues throughout the season. On the other hand, we establish relationships with our collaborators based on: Transparency and straightforwardness regarding wages, tasks and working hours: Clarity of the contractual framework and certainty of payments (the salary is credited month by month): Carefulness to the quality of life in the village with respect to food, accommodation and extras (verified both in quantity and quality); Free return travel to the destination facility and free uniforms.


Over 15 Years

Experience in Entertainment

The Philosophy

Professionalism and Seriousness to Amuse and Enjoy

Fun is a terribly serious thing: this is why we try to improve and improve ourselves every day “

Skills in Sector 99%
Training 82%
Growth 90%
Level of Experience 92%

+ 80000

Satisfied Customers/year

+ 20 %

Destination Italy and World

+ 200000

Fun Hours/Year

+ 700

Trained animators/Year


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