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On social networks and blogs that deal with animation you will often hear phrases like “animation is learned in the field” and in reality it is the pure truth! For this reason we try to make you “live” the information necessary to understand this experience before leaving, so as not to have any surprises.

In fact, we commit a lot of time and a lot of resources in the selection and training phase because we are convinced that human resources are the real strength of animation and that the principle of clarity has always been our philosophy.

In fact, after an initial interview, all the candidates that our recruiters consider interesting and suitable are invited to Viva Days : a path during which candidates are tested in their disciplines and for adaptability to group life.

This is not a simple internship, but a true original selection format that develops in a program of workshops and role playing, and whose results contribute to the composition of the staff!

The tour ends with the “Perfect Day”: a great colorful, fun and very educational village simulation!

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What's Perfect Day?

Perfect Day is a real village simulation, a role play during which you can experience first-hand what it means to be an animator: work while having fun!


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Training path

The Perfect Day
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During the Viva Days you will be able to follow a gritty and effective training, based on many multimedia contents and real experiences in the field.


During the training moments of the Viva Days, our tutors and our trainers will try with you all the activities of a day as an animator!

Perfect Day

At the end of the path a great collective simulation will allow you to really understand what it means to be an animator!

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