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If you have friends who have already lived an experience in this field you will often hear them say “only when you leave, will you really understand what I am telling you!” It sounds strange, but that’s it! Only an animator can truly and deeply understand the emotions we share, only an animator can smile at the memories behind the scenes and get excited by the memory of a standing ovation after a show!

Benefit 1

It is a safe, educational, exciting and unforgettable experience. You will get your fill of new knowledge and emotions.

Benefit 2

We may earn little money, but we have free room, board, travel and uniforms for free.

Enter Vivateam Animation for a Perfect Season

If you are interested and want to understand if you are eligible to become part of a Vivateam staff you must first send your application as a TOURIST ENTERTAINER. THE REQUIREMENTS to participate in the selections are:

  • Availability from 2 to 4 consecutive months
  • Age of majority
  • Knowledge of at least one foreign language (English, German, Dutch) is welcome, even if not essential.
  • Predisposition to personal relationships and teamwork.

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